The Why Behind Our Giving

A note from our Founder

"When creating Miami Beach Bum it was important for me to organize a supply chain and business operations that put people and the planet first. As I shifted careers from marine science to skin health–I knew one thing: the Company I created would always give back. 

At Miami Beach Bum, we give back 1% from every purchase to a local animal and human welfare non-profit, Operation LiberationA rare organization where every $1 for $1 goes directly to the cause. 

Their mission is to rehabilitate and find permanent homes for animals, as well as, provide humanitarian relief and assistance to people in low income, at risk- or disaster-stricken regions. Operation Liberation provides marginalized communities with access to animal care, companion food relief and healthy plant based food to do their small part in promoting sustainable changes in the lives of human and non-human animals.


Pictured: Elizabeth Jones (Founder of Operation Liberation) with cat, Ms. Betty


I went to graduate school with the founder of Operation Liberation, Elizabeth, and admire the difficult, but necessary work she does every day to improve the lives of marginalized communities and animals. It is easy to be happy in the world you create for yourself and fill it with positive and beautiful things– it is difficult to emerge yourself everyday in animal and human suffering. 

Donations from Miami Beach Bum have helped support community TNR (trap, neuter, release) Programs, Rescue and Adoption, Hurricane Disaster Response and Assistance with Neglect, Abuse and Hoarding cases.

As we grow, it is exciting to know we can help more!"  


Looking for a furry friend? Check out their current list of adoptees here.

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