4 Reasons to Add Hyaluronic Acid to your Skincare Ritual

Hyaluronic acid, aka HA, is a moisture retaining molecule that can bind to over 1000x its weight in water. When used in skincare rituals it plumps, hydrates and gives a dewy glow.  Our bodies naturally produce HA in the skin, eyes and joints. However as we age, our bodies make less hyaluronic acid which results in the loss of the volume, hydration, and plumpness of our complexion. Because of this it has become a hero ingredient in many skincare formulas. Traditionally sourced from rooster combs, we're on the vegan bandwagon of producing HA via microbial fermentation (ok biotech). Hyaluronic acid has become a key ingredient in our face cream collection as it is sustainable to source and has the following four skin health benefits:


Plumps + Hydrates 

    The number one reason we love this humectant is because it binds with water molecules on one side and collagen on the other. After infusing your skin with instant hydration for a plumping effect, hyaluronic acid draws moisture in from the surrounding environment, providing long-lasting hydration. 


    Increases Skin Elasticity + Prevents Fine Lines 

      Hyaluronic acid isn’t going to replace or increase elastin production in your skin, but it can help with the overall appearance. Working hard to retain moisture in the skin and create a plumping effect– HA firms facial contours, smoothing and tightening the skin’s appearance. 


      Speeds Healing of Irritations + Blemishes 

        Hyaluronic acid is known for speeding up wound healing and plays a key role in healing facial irritations and blemishes (like acne breakouts). HA helps blemishes heal faster by regulating inflammation levels and sending signals to the body that it needs to build more blood vessels in the damaged area. While the body does have a natural healing response to inflammation, applying HA topically can speed up the healing process, resulting in a healthier complexion more quickly.  


        Strengthens + Repairs the Skin Barrier

          The skin (our body’s largest organ) mainly functions as a protective barrier between our body and the surrounding environment. It protects us from external threats such as pathogens, toxins and stressors that we are exposed to on the daily. Since toxins penetrate from the outside in, the epidermis (top most layer of the skin) does most of the work to keep the bad stuff out. When our skin barrier is healthy it helps  to maintain homeostasis of our microbiome and protects from enhanced loss of water from the body. Hyaluronic acid’s hydrating properties make it a hero ingredient to fortify this outermost layer of skin and lock in moisture. 

          If hyaluronic acid isn’t your thing, make it your thing. Your skin will thank you.

          For Your Skin

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