Green Beauty, Cruelty Free - No If, Ands, Just Butts.

Miami Beach Bum is an all natural bum + body cream that features oregano to target blemishes and pearl to brighten and smooth your complexion. Our unique formulation features sustainably sourced botanical ingredients and excludes chemicals, like sulfates, parabens, phthalates and chemical fragrances. Ultra concentrated, this effective skin treatment is gentle enough to be used as an everyday moisturizer.

Ethical brand wear



The only thing better than a crop top, is a crop top that gives back. Rock our white crop top made from organic, fair trade, fair labor, cotton and non-toxic ink. Made in the USA & a portion of profits from Miami Beach Bum brand wear are given back to the community through a number of initiatives we support.

Treat Booty, Like Beauty

Our Story

Founder, Ayssa Di Pietro lives an active lifestyle in Miami Beach. Constantly in the the ocean, wet swim suits began taking a toll on her skin. From dullness to folliculitis blemishes, she searched everywhere for a product that would solve her skin issues. Unable to find a product that worked, Ayssa used her background in science to research solutions that would not only revive her body, but also nourish it.

Discovering the pairing of Oregano and Pearl,  Ayssa formulated the original Miami Beach Bum recipe in her kitchen. She immediately noticed the healing and restorative properties and knew others would benefit from her formulation. From that, Miami Beach Bum was born.