Meet the founder👋

“As a marine scientist, the ocean is a part of my daily ritual. My expression of self-care is being active and around water. From constantly being in wet bathing suits I developed folliculitis on my bum. Beauty shelves didn’t have a healthy or effective solution, so  I used my chemistry background to create our signature Bum + Body Cream. Now with a growing collection, each product has become an essential part of my ritual and I hope they can become a part of your unique ritual too. With you, we’re redefining how to self-care.”

-Founder, Ayssa

Our collection is as clean as it gets.

Our mission is to put skin and hair health at the forefront of self-care with formulas that are backed by science and made with you and the environment top of mind.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about our values: vegan, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral, made in the USA, and we give back 1% to @OperationLiberation. 

Our Magic City

Headquartered in Sunset Harbour, Miami Beach, we celebrate the famous Art Deco District in South Beach through our branding. The style is marked by its characteristic curves and bright colors, from pastel blues and pinks, to vibrant yellows.

Just like most Miamians, we love standing out from the crowd and believe it is important to express and assert your personality as part of your self-care ritual.