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As a marine scientist, the ocean is a part of my daily ritual. To me, self-care means being active and around water. From constantly being in wet bathing suits I developed folliculitis on my bum. Unable to find a natural solution, I used my chemistry background to craft my own. 

My mission is to bring skin health and science to the forefront of self-care. Now with a growing collection, each product has become an essential part of my ritual and I hope they can become a part of your unique ritual too.

xoxo Ayssa

Where science meets beauty.

Formulated by a marine scientist, our products are crafted with green chemistry and a circular economy top of mind. Intentionally made for your skin's natural biology, our collection soothes common skin concerns and fortifies the skin barrier. From our cruelty-free and vegan formulas to our eco-friendly packaging, everything we do day-to-day puts your well-being, your skin and the environment first. To us, healthy self-care routines should be minimal.