Our Eco Connection

At Miami Beach Bum we have a triple bottom line– meaning we prioritize people and the planet, over just profits. This delicate balance allows us to grow and support our employees and partners while also being socially responsible and eco-friendly. By prioritizing and protecting the health of the ecosystems we manufacture and distribute within, both us and the planet can thrive– and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Our founder, Ayssa, has organized and manages every step in our supply chain. Pushing to change paradigms and elevate the standards of manufacturing in the beauty industry. 

Below are our 4 core eco-values and Ayssa’s take on why they are so important Miami Beach Bum, the planet and you. 

1: Plant Ingredients & PCR Packaging It all starts with the raw materials that make up our collection. As a strong proponent of green chemistry and a circular economy, it is essential we formulate with non-toxic plant ingredients packaged in post consumer resin (PCR) plastic. By using natural plant ingredients, we are eliminating the creation of harmful chemicals that make their way into our ecosystems and your body.

By making our packaging from post consumer recycled plastics, we are extending the life cycle of plastic material that has already entered our economy and do not contribute to the creation of more virgin plastic. By July 2022, 100% of our packaging will be made from PCR plastic! 

2: Made in the USA Manufacturing close to home helps boost our local economy and guarantees that fair labor standards are upheld while manufacturing our collection. Most importantly, our environment benefits too. As our ingredients, packaging components and our completed collection spend less time being transported between manufacturers and customers, we produce less CO2 emissions. Ultimately this reduction in CO2 emissions and pollution results in less environmental damage, like ocean acidification and climate change.

3: Carbon Neutral Despite doing our best to minimize carbon emissions produced during manufacturing and shipping, as a company, we are still responsible for emissions. Our oceans absorb most of this excess CO2 which causes the pH to decrease. Ocean acidification has a negative effect on many marine species. One of the most well known outcomes of acidification is the recent bleaching events of coral reefs. As the coral reef tracks loose coverage, coastlines become more susceptible to damage and flooding from storms. This could alter marine food chains as well as food supply to humans. This is why we purchase carbon credits to offset our manufacturing and shipping emissions through Pachama. Pachama is an organization that invests in reforestation and conservation projects. 

4: Reef-Safe: Many skin, hair and suncare products contain chemicals that are toxic to our costal ecosystems. With the planet top of mind, we ensure all ingredients used in our formulas are reef-safe and not harmful to our coast lines. Miami Beach Bum also hosts quarterly beach clean-ups in Miami. Our intention with this is to not only clean up debris, but also to help raise awareness. 

As a self-proclaimed beach bum—it is only right that Miami Beach Bum's supply chain formulates on the principles of green chemistry, features PCR plastic packaging and is carbon-neutral. 


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