The Power of Oregano

The Power of Oregano 

The key ingredient our customers’ love to hate: Oregano 

"Smells a little weird. But, it does what it says, it’s magic!

These have a strange underlying smell - maybe something herby? The feel of the lotion is good and it soothes the skin, seriously erases bumps and blemishes overnight." - Angie M

Oregano is an herb that boasts some pretty potent benefits when it comes to your skin health. It is high in antioxidants, reduces inflammation and has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties that balance the microorganisms in your skin’s ecosystem. 

To best harness these benefits and maintain oregano’s healing compounds, like thymol and carvacrol, we use a cold pressed oregano oil in our Bum + Body Cream. Fragrant and herby, oregano oil bestows our Bum + Body Cream with a scent not everyone in our community enjoys. However, formulating with a scentless-oregano-extract would not be as magical. 

Read on for three reasons to add oregano to your body care ritual: 

1: Its antibacterial, antimicrobial & antifungal properties [Insert skin irritation] has met its match. Most common skin concerns, like acne, folliculitis, fungal infections and more, stem from an in-balance of bacteria, yeast or fungus in your skin’s microbiome. By balancing these symbiotic microorganisms, the root cause of your skin irritation is being solved. 

2: Its astringent & anti-inflammatory properties Oregano has a high content of phenols and flavonoids that fight free radicals and calm irritated skin. The result, tighter pores and smoother skin. Let’s all give carvacrol (a potent phenol)  a round of applause for its ability to remodel skin and reduce inflammation! 

3: Can also be ingested We suggest ingesting oregano to amplify skin and gut health. Oregano is a true immune booster and hosts the same internal benefits that you can experience topically!

Tip: source a potent oregano oil and put it into a capsule at the time of taking. 

The Chemical Breakdown: Oregano is composed of phenolic acids, esters, glycosides, flavonoids, steroids and volatile compounds. Oregano essential oil contains around 37 compounds with thymol accounting for 37 %, gama terpinene accounting for 9. 6%, carvacrol accounting for 9.5 % and carvacrol methyl ether accounting for 6.8 %.

Ayssa, the founder of Miami Beach Bum, swears by solving all topical skin and gut health issues with oregano. What health benefits do you use oregano for? 

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