Being Carbon-Neutral

Today, nearly 85% of Americans live in urban areas consuming material goods without considering the impact their demand places on nature.

Each time we drink from single-use matcha cups and vainly splurge on beauty "essentials", our natural ecosystems pay the price. 

To authentically lead an eco-revolution in the skincare industry, organizational pillars like green chemistry and a circular economy must stay top of mind. 

The importance of companies becoming carbon-neutral. 

This past year the beauty industry produced approximately 120 billion units of packaging, mostly single-use and non-recyclable. This is just the tip of the environmental cosmetic-crisis; shipping and manufacturing emit huge amounts of carbon emissions as well. 

Step 1: Avoid releasing carbon dioxide in the first place. 

Did you know packaging made from post consumer resin or bio-resin produces 70% less carbon dioxide emissions during production than virgin plastic or glass? And with more than three percent of global carbon dioxide emissions attributed to ocean-going ships, choosing local manufacturing partners (holla Miami and New Jersey) is the only eco-friendly option. Cheap manufacturing abroad widens margins for companies, but costs us all in environmental harm. 

Step 2: Remove the carbon dioxide you put into the atmosphere. 

This year, Miami Beach Bum partnered with Pachama. Every month we audit the carbon emissions generated when making and delivering products, including all the raw materials, packaging and shipping. Then we compensate for all of these emissions by purchasing verified “carbon credits” in the amount of our total carbon footprint through Pachama, in support of their US portfolio. 

We take pride in being carbon-neutral and will continue to push organizational boundaries and emit less. 

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