The 'Met Your Match' Trio

The ‘Met Your Match Trio’, $100 (value $135)  

Try all three plant-based versions in this coveted trio.

3-piece kit includes:
6oz Bum + Body Cream - Mint 
• 6oz Bum + Body Cream - Lemongrass 
• 6oz Bum + Body Cream - Orange 

Spot treat irritated areas or use as a whole body moisturizer for your healthiest skin.

Your Solution for

Dryness & dullness 

Folliculitis & razor burn

Acne & body blemishes 

Eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis

Keratosis pilaris & chicken skin

Fungal infections + more 

real results

Ingredient Story

An antioxidant-rich base of aloe, shea butter jojoba oil restore and fortify your skin barrier for skin smoothing hydration. 

Our hero herb, oregano targets the skin's microbiome to gently balance microorganisms like bacteria, yeast and fungus. We use a cold-pressed oil extract to maintain oregano's antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Katie M

I've struggled with folliculitis and keratosis pilaris for my whole life. Being newly single I want my butt and thighs to look great and with this lotion they do! It is life changing. I can feel it last on my skin longer than my body lotion. I will never do anything else!

Megan C
Best lotion ever!

I love it, it works great! I’ve always had a problem with razor burn and nothing worked. I allowed it a good 30-days to fully do all that it describes and advertises!

Amy B.
Ultimate body cream

I love everything about this body cream. The natural ingredients, how hydrated my skin feels and the 3 different scents. My go to is the lemon.

Pleasantly Surprised

I’ve always had bad skin. It’s been a struggle to find products that work. Usually end up with ok results and lotions and creams that have no smell or smell medicated. Loved all 3 scents but mint was fav ! Haven’t had razor burn since started using mbb. My eczema not quite cleared up but not aggravated by use. Just order ski bum n essential kit. Hoping for more good results

Chelsea Christie
Nothing short of a miracle

The Beach Bum product is truly miraculous. Anywhere you have body breakouts will be left smooth and clear after using this. It’s seriously amazing. Great product for upcoming summer months!