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Welcome to your Summer Beauty Routine

Ready to break up with your cover-up? Summer is coming, whether you’re ready or not, and Miami Beach Bum is here to keep you feeling cute in your ‘kini (or that sexy cut-out one-piece).

Introducing three beach beauty essentials to keep your hair + skin healthy and happy all season long: a reef safe leave-in hair conditioner, bug spray you actually want to wear, and a hydrating face cream.

Inspired by our founder Ayssa’s lifestyle and plant-based minimalist routine, these three products were designed to be everything a beach babe needs to feel her best. Just like everyone wants a smooth summer booty, Ayssa also wanted flawless beach waves that didn’t get damaged or dry from chlorine and salt-water. Plus, a glowing and blemish-free complexion so she can throw on her swimsuit and head out the door without worrying about makeup.

Summer is the time to relax and refresh. This June, we dare you to break up with your coverup and stick to the essentials. Whether you’re swimming on a remote island or laying out in your parent’s backyard, we’ve got you covered with products made for every kind of beach bum.

Want all the peachy details on our latest launch? Keep reading to get to know our new products.

Beach Bag Necessity #1: Reef-Safe Leave-in Conditioner

Picture this: you’re stepping out of the water after catching some killer waves. Your wetsuit is hugging you in all the right places and there’s a cutie by the shore who’s totally smiling at you. You decide to complete your Baywatch-like moment with a hair toss—but when you go to run your fingers through your hair, they get stuck on your dry, tangled mane.

That’s where our Reef-Safe Leave-In Hair Conditioner comes in. It helps protect your hair from sun, salt, and chlorine before you even step foot on the beach. Natural ingredients like coconut oil and algae provide an external coating on your tresses so that exposure to summer’s elements won’t leave your hair dry and damaged.

Don’t skip the sunshine (or the sea) because you’re worried about drying out your perfect beach waves. Simply apply this product to wet hair before hitting the beach, and go! There’s no need to rinse out, but you can always re-apply as needed. Throw the bottle in your beach bag so you’re ready for wherever the summer takes you.

Ready for your best hair day summer ever? Shop our Reef Safe Leave-In Conditioner here.

Beach Bag Necessity #2: Natural Repellent

The only thing worse than itchy insect bites? Showing up to your summer soiree smelling like eau de bug spray.

This summer, ditch the bug spray scent and the toxic chemicals found in your drugstore insect repellant. Our all-natural repellant is an herbal formula made with sunflower oil, lemongrass, rosemary, and mint.

Simply spritz on our DEET-free formula, and enjoy a night of invisibility to all pesky insects. Share it with kids and pets so that your whole crew can avoid bug bites while also avoiding all of the not-so-good stuff found in your typical bug spray.

Ready to say buh-bye to bugs? Shop our Natural Insect Repellent here.

Skincare Necessity: The Facial in a Jar

Break up with your makeup & your skincare routine, this moisturizer is the only thing your face needs for an endless summer glow all year long.

Inspired by customers, our founder Ayssa took the hydrating and quick-absorbing properties of our Bum + Body cream and formulated it into a moisturizer just for your flawless face.

Natural, vegan ingredients like aloe, squalene, and Vitamin C work to repair and soothe your skin. Meanwhile, lemongrass and green tea help minimize pores, fine lines, and blemishes.

Apply Facial Therapy as part of your morning + evening routine, or throw it in your beach bag for application after sun exposure or salt water leaves your skin feeling dry and tight. This moisturizer is made for all skin types, because all skin needs hydration (yes, even oily skin).

Ready to break up with your makeup? Shop Facial Therapy here.

In Miami, there’s always a party on the horizon. Ayssa created the beach essentials line so that she’s always ready to go from the beach to the boardroom—or from the cove to the club. This summer, don’t let anything hold you back from being the beach babe that you are. Shop Beach Essentials here.

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