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Getting to know the brand behind a product you may be looking to use on a daily basis is important since you need to trust them before you even consider using the products on yourself, so that is exactly what we’ll do right now!

How Did We Come Up With Our Product?

Our founder Ayssa Di Prieto is constantly in the ocean doing activities that require the use of swimsuits, which brings with it skin problems like folliculitis.

Not feeling satisfied with other products that didn’t target her problem directly, she used her knowledge in marine science to come up with a product that cures butt blemishes without having to harm your skin or nature.

Said product is 100% chemical-free, ensuring that your skin will not absorb any unwanted waste that may do more harm than good.

What About The Product Quality and Sustainability?

To get a higher and more consistent quality for our products, all of it is sourced in the US, from the ingredients all the way up to the assembly, this way making the cream as healthy and effective as it can be.

A problem Ayssa found when creating the product’s packaging was that many big beauty brands don’t create boxes and cases that are environment-friendly, which shows why the beauty industry is one of the most pollutants out there.

This is why our boxes are 100% compostable and our cases are 100% recyclable! This way we can help reduce the damage done to our earth every year.

Do You Support Any Causes or Foundations?

We do! Our clothing helps support Elizabeth Jones, a biologist who’s on a mission to improve animal welfare and maintain our community garden in Little River.

With the purchase of any piece of clothing from our shop, you’ll also be donating to the foundation mentioned above!

If you have any other questions regarding Miami Beach Bum, please send it to us on Instagram and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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I was looking for an effective product to clear my butt acne without harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrance- I finally found it!

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