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Beauty brands have a history of using harsh chemicals as shortcuts to achieve the desired result and although they work, they often come with a few consequences which might end up doing more damage than good.

Another awful part of the beauty industry is the amount of animal testing they do in order to ensure that the product will not harm any client buying it. (Even though it sometimes does)

This is the reason why our founder Ayssa took the time to investigate a way to create a cream that is 100% chemical-free while still providing fast results on every skin.

She also made sure to only test the products on humans and on the desired part it would be used on, Booties!

Since our creams are 100% chemical-free you don’t have to worry about getting any weird rash from harsh chemicals. 

This means that our products are created only with high-quality and natural ingredients which are the following



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I was looking for an effective product to clear my butt acne without harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrance- I finally found it!

Hector Ramirez