The Booty Facial


Our founder, in search of an esthetician with a soothing solution to the folliculitis blemishes wet swimsuits leave behind, was unable to find a ‘booty treatment’ in Miami. So, she partnered with Vanessa Da Silva of NKD Beauty in Edgewater to bring the ultimate booty pampering to Dade County. 
This booty pampering clears blemishes, brightens your complexion and deeply hydrates. First, Vanessa uses the newest technology in exfoliation: HydraGlow, followed by stem cell enzymes, a blemish controlling micropeel and a brightening jelly mask. But the booty-pampering doesn’t stop here, the treatment is finished with Miami Beach Bum’s, signature Bum + Body Cream. 
Ladies, let's admit it, we all get those pesky red bumps and blemishes on our body from time to time. This treatment is perfect for women with skin affected by shaving, waxing, swimwear, activewear, sweat and common skin concerns like folliculitis, acne, eczema, keratosis pilaris + more.  
Miami Babes, book your Booty Facial here!